acoustic pramberger


The beauty and craftsmanship of Pramberger is unparalleled.
With a broad range of models, Pramberger Pianos are the ultimate in art and expression.


Pramberger LG-145

Legacy Series
4'8" Traditional Grand 

Pramberger LG-150

Legacy Series
5' Traditional Grand 

Pramberger LG-157

Legacy Series
5'2" Classic Grand 

Pramberger LG-175

Legacy Series
5' 9" Traditional Grand 

Pramberger PS-157

Signature Series
5’2" Conservatory Classic

Pramberger PS-175

Signature Series
5'9" Regal Professional

Pramberger PS-185

Signature Series
6’1" Regal Artist Grand

Pramberger JP-118F

46" Designer Console

Pramberger JP-118T

46" Designer Console

Pramberger JP-125

49" Professional Studio

Pramberger JP-131

52" Professional Studio

Pramberger JP-160S

Platinum Series
5' 3" Regal Artist Grand

Pramberger JP-179L

Platinum Series
5' 10" Conservatory Artist

Pramberger JP-208B

6' 10" Conservatory Artist Grand

Pramberger JP-280E

Platinum Series - Conservatory Artist Grand

Pramberger JP-228C

Platinum Series
7′ 6″ Conservatory Artist Grand

Pramberger JP-190A

6' 3"  Conservatory Artist Grand

Pramberger LV-108

43" Continental Console

Pramberger LV-118H

46 1/2 Studio Upright

Pramberger LV-43F

43" Designer Console

Pramberger LV-43T

43" Designer Console

Pramberger PV-118F

46" Designer Console

Pramberger PV-118S

46" Institutional Piano

Pramberger PV-118T

46" Designer Console

Pramberger PV-121

48" Professional Upright

Pramberger PV-131

52" Professional Upright


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