Mason & Hamlin Model 50

This remarkable piano was created for professional use in schools, churches and other institutions, and for anyone one who requires grand piano characteristics in a compact vertical size.


The Mason & Hamlin Model 50 surpasses all other uprights in power and tone and with Mason & Hamlin innovations like the Tension Resonator, which preserves the crown of the soundboard, and sturdy 6-post back construction, the Model 50 will withstand years of strenuous use.
As with all of its pianos, Mason & Hamlin builds the Model 50 by hand, using only the finest materials, making it the best value in its class. And, as always, Mason & Hamlin pianos are Made in America.

Mason & Hamlin Model 50 Specifications:

  • Height:50in (127cm)
  • Width:57.67in (146.48cm)
  • Depth:23.30in (59.18cm)
  • Rim:Hard Rock Maple
  • Rim Thickness:3.5in (8.89cm)
  • Plate:Sand Cast Gray Iron, Full Perimeter
  • Soundboard:White Spruce
  • Soundboard Size:2,120in2 (5,384.82)

Standard Finishes:

  • Ebony Satin
  • Ebony Polish

Additional Available Finishes (Cambridge Models Only):

MH_Bubinga MH_Macassar_Ebony MH_Mahogany MH_Rosewood

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If two words describe the Mason & Hamlin piano, they’re Quality and Durability. For over 160 years, these prize-winning instruments have been built by hand, of only the finest materials and according to time-honored designs and specifications. Mason & Hamlin pianos are the perfect instruments for the institutional setting. They are built to inspire and built to last.

 “I desired to play Mason & Hamlin pianos because I believe they would be the most satisfactory to me in my work. In my opinion, these instruments must satisfy all musicians and artists of first rank, as well as music lovers in general. I feel that if I have succeeded in making even the slightest impression upon the public by my playing, a great part of my success is due to your instruments.” -Sergei Rachmaninoff