Mason & Hamlin Monticello Art Case Collection

The Monticello Collection exudes quality, combining the Mason & Hamlin’s superior musical qualities with the beauty of fine furniture.


The Mason & Hamlin Monticello Art Case Collection features beautifully designed, museum quality instruments. This remarkable group of pianos takes its inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s magnificent home, Monticello. Just as it represents the perfect integration of classical architecture and Jefferson’s design innovations, the Monticello Collection combines centuries old piano-making traditions and Mason & Hamlin’s design innovations. The Monticello Collection offers instruments of timeless beauty and flawless performance—pianos for the ages.

The Monticello Collection features two piano models, the A and the BB. Available finishes are ebony polish, mahogany satin and rosewood satin. (See individual piano models for specifications.) As always, Mason & Hamlin pianos are Made in America.

Franz Liszt

“What a magnificent instrument! It is worthy of all praise and admiration!”
(Letter from Franz to Mason & Hamlin, Weimar, June 12, 1883) Franz Liszt Museum, Budapest

Maurice Ravel

“The Mason & Hamlin pianoforte serves magnificently the composer’s concept by its extensive range in dynamics, as well as quality of tone, not short of being a small orchestra, in my opinion the Mason & Hamlin is a real work of art.”

Sergei Rachmaninoff

“I desired to play Mason & Hamlin pianos because I believe they would be the most satisfactory to me in my work. In my opinion, these instruments must satisfy all musicians and artists of first rank, as well as music lovers in general. I feel that if I have succeeded in making even the slightest impression upon the public by my playing, a great part of my success is due to your instruments.”

Arthur Rubinstein

“One of the Most Beautiful Pianos I have ever had a chance to play.” (Autobiography, 1921)